Divine Arts Works with RealNetworks and Saregama for Digital Indian Music Downloads


Divine Arts, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Saregama India Limited, India's oldest and largest music catalog owner. There are millions of non-resident Indians dispersed throughout the world. This agreement offers this broad community easy and cost-effective access to music from their home country.

As computer usage and broadband Internet access continue to increase yearly, computers and digital distribution will become the gateway to listening and purchasing music. In the United States alone there are more than 120 million Internet users, and over 30 percent of American home Internet users have a high-speed broadband connection.

Divine Arts, Inc. will represent Saregama in licensing their extensive catalog to streaming and download sites throughout the world. The company, which has established an international presence through its record label, is embracing the future of music distribution by offering its music digitally in the form of downloads and streaming media over the Internet.

RealNetworks will be the first company to offer digital music from the Saregama catalog. The first of more than 30,000 top-selling songs from the Saregama catalog will be available through the company’s Rhapsody Internet jukebox service and soon through the RealPlayer Music Store. Both services are available at http://www.real.com.

"With this partnership, listeners can now personalize their music solution from Saregama’s vast catalog. Digital distribution through the Internet provides customers all over the world access to their choice of songs from our catalog, which represents over 100 years of the finest in Indian music," said Dilip R. Mehta, Saregama managing director.

Manu Kaushish, CEO of Divine Arts, Inc., welcomed Saregama as a key partner.

"The future of music distribution is on-demand delivery using streaming media and downloads for instant access. The partnership with Saregama India Limited allows us to offer the largest and richest Indian music catalog to our digital distribution partners and promises a great database of music," said Kaushish.

"We are thrilled to provide music from Saregama through our online music services," stated Tim Quirk, executive editor of RealNetworks’ Rhapsody editorial staff. "The addition of this extensive catalog will broaden our musical reach and introduce Indian music to a wider audience of online listeners."

Divine Arts, Inc. works with content providers and large distribution channels to bring the music of the Indian subcontinent to a worldwide audience. In the process, it also caters to the needs of a new generation that downloads music from the Internet and listens to it on digital music devices.

About Divine Arts, Inc.

Divine Arts, Inc. is a leader in digital distribution services for content from the Indian subcontinent. Based in California, the founders of Divine Arts, Inc. have extensive experience with India's entertainment industry. Through relationships with record labels and distribution channels, the company uses its knowledge of emerging technologies to bring the rich culture of the Indian subcontinent to the rest of the world. In addition, Divine Arts, Inc. provides artist management and radio licensing services. More information on Divine Arts, Inc. can be found at http://www.divine-arts.com.

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